Yellow Rage Squashes Preconceptions of Poetry

They are not gentle, organic souls lamenting their plight as Asian Women but rather loud, abrasive, and berating audiences with a mixture of different curse words. This delivery represents the minority revelation in the last century: the toppling of white supremacy will not result from compliance. Yellow Rage understands this, for example, upon entering theContinue reading “Yellow Rage Squashes Preconceptions of Poetry”

Whiteness in America

Upon reading chapter eighteen, “Whiteness and Ethnicity in the history of “White Ethnics” in the United States, the piece that I found most interesting was the process of immigrants becoming “white”. Specifically, as mentioned in the reading, the individuals immigrating from Europe who had fair skin yet had not adopted the privilege and ignorance thatContinue reading “Whiteness in America”

Coyote Nation

While reading the exerts from Coyote Nation, I found how societies in New Mexico used the physical body to create power for white Americans and expand colonization efforts. More specifically, how imperial efforts were able to associate the Native American/ Hispanic body with filth and the white body with cleanliness. This idea was highlighted inContinue reading “Coyote Nation”

To Go Against History

It was indeed no surprise to me when I read the Trump Administration’s memorandum that my jaw fell open. I was horrified yet not surprised at the text that was heavily laced with racism and white fragility. One thing that immediately caught my attention was describing the use of Critical Race Theory as anti-American. TheContinue reading “To Go Against History”

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